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Ring Poker Games vs. Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are very trendy and modish.  It is true that poker games have been enjoyed for well over one hundred years, but poker tournaments are, essentially, relatively new to the poker world.  Despite its young age, poker tournaments have grown in jackpot and popularity since its inception.

For example, in 1972 the buy in for the eight entrants who wanted to play poker at World Series of Poker was $10,000.  First prize was a mere $80,000.  At the time, this was high stakes in the poker world, but by 2005 the jackpot prize was more than $7 million.  It was entered into by more than 800 individuals who wanted to play poker at a poker table in the World Series of Poker.  Still, not everyone who wants to play poker wants to play at poker tournaments.  Some people prefer the poker tables in ring games.
There are a number of potential benefits to playing at the poker tables in poker rings.  For example, in the poker world, such games feature a less substantial role on the part of luck at the poker tables.  Also, it is much easier to determine whether or not people who play poker at ring games are good or not.  It is not easy, in poker tournaments, to determine whether or not the best poker strategy is being used and the ‘right thing’ is being done by the people at the poker table.
Still, there are potential benefits to be had by those who prefer poker tournaments.  There are many factors in poker tournaments which emphasize the factors of the poker world more so than in ring games.  For example, in poker tournaments the poker chips have different values.  At the same time, domination is much more of a factor when it comes to poker tournaments.  People who play poker in tournaments are going to want dominating hands later in the tournament so that they will be able to dominate others.
Players will obviously have to choose for themselves which type of poker game is most favorable to them as individuals.  Some people will prefer one type of poker game over the other.  Hopefully by learning of the differences in these poker games, players can make a more informed decision.

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