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5 Main Tips Before Playing Poker Game

If you want to really get off to a good start on your next poker game, consider these 5 tips that will help boost your poker strategy.

1. Don’t be afraid to Fold more often

You don’t need to play every hand. It’s OK to just sit back and enjoy the card game. You can spot a rookie by the number of hands he/she plays, new players have a tendency to play every hand. Sometimes you have to know when to sit back and be the audience. When you approach it this way, you will find that you lose less money.

2. Don’t Drink and Play

You’ll wake up the next morning, poorer than yesterday, guaranteed. When you play poker, you have to be sharp, on your feet and focused. No matter what you think or believe, alcohol affects your wit and skill. You will eventually begin to lose. If you’re going to play poker live in a casino or in a tournament, stay off the booze and stay focused.

3. If you’re going to Bluff, bluff only when need to.

Bluffing without motive is stupid and you’ll probably lose. Bluffing doesn’t always work on certain poker players. Sheeeeiii… they have you all figured out after the first betting round. And there is no use in bluffing a player that calls a showdown either. So don’t bluff for the heck of it. If you’re going to bluff, bluff only IF you really need to.

Learn how to bluffing and how NOT to bluff in our Bluffing for Dummies section :-p

4. Don’t Stay in a Hand for the sake of money

Some players feel that once they put money in the pot, they have to stay in the game until the bitter end. Wrong approach. Look, the money in the pot belongs to the pot  and you are not going to get it back by playing a hand to the end anyway. If you know you cannot pull out the best hand and win, do yourself a favor and fold. It’s ok, bro, it’s all part of the game.

5. Don’t Call at the End of a Hand  just to see if the other player is bluffing.

You might be dying to know if your opponent really has the winning hand but it’s not worth the amounts those type of bets add up to by the end of the night. If you really feel that your opponent has the hand he’s representing then it makes no sense to give him your pile of chips.

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