2010 November Nine

The November Nine have been officially announced in the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. Following eight competitive days of poker over a two week period, only nine players remain in the most famous poker tournament in the world. The current leader is Jonathan Duhamely who brought his $55,375,000 of past winnings into the tourney.
To recap some of the action, Matt “mcmatto” Affleck reached 15th place for $500,000, Meanwhile, Jonathan Duhamel check-called a five million bet from Affleck to see the queen of diamonds hit on the turn. Duhamel then checked and Affleck, dramatically moved all-in for over 11 million. After several minutes, with millions on the line, Duhamel called and flipped up a pair of pocket jacks and a straight draw. Affleck tabled his pocket aces and, watched painfully as an eight hit on the river, which came to match Duhamel’s straight.
Another exciting episode during the course of the tournament was Hasan Habib. Habib moved all-in pre-flop, which drew a call from John Racener. In turn Racener turned over A-K of clubs which was followed by a flop of 10-9-3 with two clubs, this development helped Habib by giving him a pair of nines, yet giving Racener a flush draw. Once again a ten came to hit on the turn, which brought Racener to pray for an ace or king on the river. And as luck has it the ace hit.
John Dolan, also one of the short stacks like Habib, opened the small blind with K-6 of diamonds, however, Duy Le called an all-in from the big blind with A-Q. Le’s chances were ruined when a King appeared on the flop destroying his chances. Le was moved in to 13th place and picked up the $500,000 consolation prize.
2010 November Nine:
1. Jonathan Duhamel – 65,975,000
2. John Dolan – 46,250,000
3. Joseph Cheong – 23,525,000
4. John Racener – 19,050,000
5. Matthew Jarvis – 16,700,000
6. Filippo Candio – 16,400,000
7. Michael Mizrachi – 14,450,000
8. Soi Nguyen – 9,650,000
9. Jason Senti – 7,625,000

Here are the payouts at stake for the members of the 2010 WSOP November Nine:

1st Place: $8,944,138
2nd Place: $5,545,855
3rd Place: $4,129,979
4th Place: $3,092,497
5th Place: $2,332,960
6th Place: $1,772,939
7th Place: $1,356,708
8th Place: $1,045,738
9th Place: $811,823

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