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Quick look at 2010 November nine poker players

Let’s take a quick look at this year’s November nine poker players.
Joseph Cheong (23.5 million in chips): As one of the youngest players in this year’s tournament Cheong, 24, is being considered as the one of the lead, and most experienced player who will sit at the final table. Having played in over 10,000 tournaments, or so he claims, Cheong is certainly one of the more prepared and serious players. He doesn’t only rely on skill but he stands alone in being a real full time player.
John Racener (19.0 million in chips): Racener is coming into November as a rising start. He began catching the attention of poker pundits as he made his rounds through the nationwide tournaments, including a WSOP Circuit title for approximately half a million dollars. Apart from this he has 11 WSOP cashes. Racener is preparing to make his name known and this  year’s World Series tourney may be the venue he was looking for.
Matt Jarvis (17.6 million in chips): Another young competitor is the one and only Matt Jarvis. This 25-year-old Canadian, has made a commendable comeback ever after he declared that he needed to refocus on his poker style and skill. Jarvis also considers himself a fulltime poker player, with most of his fame coming from online play. Spotlighting this fact is his single five-figure cash in during a live play tourney. He will enter November with more confidence than ever and with many saying that he has a very good chance at going the full distance.
Filippo Candio (16.4 million in chips): Mr. Candio, the only European in the pro tournament hails from none other than Sardinia, Italy. He is the poker aficionado in Italy but back here in the U.S. he is only a top ranking poker star. After wining the Italian Poker tour Campionato Italiano ’09 he began to make a real name for himself across the world. He is a proud player who sees the World Series of Poker as a venue to put not only his name on the map but his country’s as well.
In addition to these men are the following high rollers:
Michael Mizrachi (14.4 million in chips)
Soi Nguyen (9.6 million in chips)
Jason Senti (7.6 million in chips)
Jonathan Duhamel (65.9 million in chips)
John Dolan (46.2 million in chips)
Joseph Cheong (23.5 million in chips)
John Racener (19.0 million in chips)

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