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New Poker Security Software Reviews

How to protect one’s PC is one of the most critical concerns for online poker player today.
Protecting against hackers and malware should be a standard industry concern. Some poker players are advanced and understand that in order to confront the potential threat they are required to put their computer behind a router and install and update anti-virus and firewall software.  Although is a generally a good tactic, recent advances in security technologies have introduced new, customized protective software for poker.
Some of the current technologies available on the market include sand boxing, off-processor security and anti-keylogging.  A sandbox is translated into a walled off “space,” which assists programs by allowing them to run in a “sandbox.” To better understand the advantages of the sand boxing, think that you are web searching and you come to a page with a malicious application. This specific app could potentially access your system, however, if the browser is running in a sandbox, the threatening application will be confined to affect only the resources in the sandbox.
Off-processor security, another product in line with combating security threats, especially for poker players, is a newer line. It is designed to protect the actual operating system itself, which is often at risk. Once an operating system is compromised, the anti-virus software can be frozen/suspended or tricked into reporting that there aren’t problems when, a malware exists. Off-processor security software works on a portioned processor that runs a separate operating system.  The separation significantly reduces the chance that the security program will be compromised. It ought to be mentioned here that the lead product is one called Yoggie.

Anti-keylogging sits as the third line in defense for online poker players who are concerned with security breaches. Key loggers are designed to record keystrokes.  The anti-keylogging software, Table Ninja, protects bank accounts, passwords, and other private matters. This product detects keyloggers and will block them from grabbing sensitive information from your PC. The Zemana is one of the more widely used soft wares in protecting against this type of security breach.

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