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Crown me the Poker King!

Looking for a superior casino game? Well check out Poker King today and get ready for thrilling high stakes poker. Poker King is offering real high stakes earnings, meaning a huge £100,000  for the highest prize!
Poker is the most popular casino card game in the world, and it relies on a blend of style and skill; the large poker tournaments draw the world’s best and most experienced players. Now with Poker King you can experience the fast paced action of poker with this awesome scratch card version of poker. Feel the excitement that attracts all of the big poker players.
Poker King is one of the easiest games to play all you need to do is select your desired card price, and then hit play. You’ll be dealt 7 cards – 2 up and 5 face down. You need to choose 3 of the 5 in order to defeat the house. All of your earnings will be displayed on your personal screen!
Poker King is not only fun but its a great way for beginners to get the skills needed to enter the real casino. At any point you want some pointers all you need to do is click on the help tab for a review of winning combination’s. Get it right and you will find a combo that can award you Instant Cash Payouts or PRIME JACKPOTS!
Always consider that you can play Poker King for only 50p!

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