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Poker in the Park

No matter what you are doing in London on August 13th to August 14th you will not be able to miss the massive amount of crowds and players at Poker in the Park at Leicester Square Park. This ultra popular event is celebrating its third anniversary and promises to be even more impressive than the previous year. This outdoor poker tournament brings card players out from the casino and into the Read More

Get ready for the London Poker Festival Schedule Announced

The London Poker Festival this September will be one of the biggest months for live poker the city has ever experienced.  With more than 100 poker events and more than £12 million in real money poker tournaments the city of London is certainly excited. The Festival will include poker tournaments of all sizes and will feature events  like the huge WPT London Poker Classic. This event will begin Read More

Brits Rule!

The 2009 World Series of Poker saw three UK Players win Bracelets, while one of them made it all the way to the final table of the main event. This episode of play was considered great for U.K poker at the time. 2009 was perhaps the ‘Year of the Brit’, if you will, but as we see today it may have only been the beginning of recognizable U.K. poker play on the world’s stage. 2009 would not be Read More

Show me your cards!

Who is the most agitating player at the poker table? How about the individual who is adamant to display his cards when he is the last to fold, or when he wins a pot without a showdown. You give in to him in the big blind and he turns around and shows you that he was holding, which is often not too impressive. If you get him to fold, he’ll show you that he can make a tough laydown when he folds Read More

The old vs. the young lady

The old vs. the young lady at the North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Three of five finalists, at the North American Poker Tour Mohegan Sun Main Event this past Sunday, April 11th, were relatively young players – but as it goes poker doesn’t discriminate based on gender or age. Mike Beasley, 46, finishing second and Mike Woods, 53, placing third have been playing at Read More

Florida slated to get its first blackjack table

Casino agreement With a Casino agreement looking more likely to pass in Florida, the Seminole Tribe announced that they believe Governor Charlie Crist has, after three years, finally come to see eye to eye with the Tallahassee Casino bloc. Slated for this week, the legislation will seek to ensure $1 billion over the next five years for the state, with a possible extension to an additional $500 Read More

Some Online Poker Suggestions

Your hand is your only strength. Here is a general rule to upkeep this mantra. You should keep your vision set on the pot when you are in a late position. Even though you will be playing with an excellent hand you should always be aware of the ratio of pot: position. Play the big cards, but if you are in a later position than it’s a good idea to switch to the suited connectors. This especially Read More
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