Poker Strategy

Try online poker!

Internet casino websites are accessed by gamblers from all countries. The online variant of real casinos is improving its fame with every day that passes and every casino game that is played. Some of casino games are even more appreciated in their online variant. The most famous one is poker. Everyone heard about this fun and exciting game. It is the top of all card games due to its easy to learn Read More

When and How to Semi-Bluff

When is a bluff not a bluff?  When it’s a semi-bluff.  As the name implies, you are not out and out bluffing on a hand you know doesn’t stand a chance.  You’ve got a hand that might not be the best, or one that you can improve with the right draw.  If other players at the poker table are holding nothing, a semi-bluff will chase them.  If players are looking at decent poker cards, they Read More

The 2010 European Poker Tour main event

Vilamoura, Portugal is the home to the 2010 European Poker Tour main event, but so far this year’s European Poker Tour is being owned by the U.K. Similar to the shocking win by Liv Boeree at EPT 2010 in San Remo and James Mitchell at the Irish Open, Vilamoura is seeing U.K. players carrying the top three spots at the final table. Now let’s take a closer look at these U.K. players who are Read More