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Online Poker Legislations in 2012

There has been talk in the United States Congress of drafting a play online poker bill in 2012. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has spoken about the importance of having a national Internet Gaming Law. Joining the fight with him is Iowa Senator Jeff Danielson who says he is planning to draft and Internet Poker Bill in Iowa.

A Rare Glimpse into Harry Reid’s Stance on Internet Poker

As a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission it would be expected that Harry Reid be at the center of the online Texas holdem Poker debate. This however, is not the case as Reid has had very little to say about online poker publicly. Recently though, Reid has made public comments about the Department of Justice’s opinion on the Wire Act. He states that this will give them an incentive to get something done in the world of Texas Hold’em online poker. The executive director of Poker Players Alliance, John Pappas, is optimistic about Reid’s comments. He says that it would be advantageous to players and businesses to have a federal play online poker law instead of only a selection of state’s allowing online Texas Holdem poker. Pappas also says he has met with top Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and provided information through the process. With Reid’s work on this legislation, a bill could be on the table at any time.

Iowa Plans to Move into the World of Play Online Poker

Senator Jeff Danielson has jumped on the opportunity of creating Texas Holdem online poker legislation for Iowa after the USDOJ’s decision on the Wire Act. Danielson says that this decision can stimulate intrastate online Texas Hold’em poker and also have a multi-state impact on play online poker laws. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) has illustrated some ways in which Iowa can create and regulate online Texasholdem poker. It has been estimated by the IRGC that play online poker legislation could produce $3 to $13 million in tax revenues annually. Another advantage of Texas Holdem online poker legislation is that small states would be able to collaborate in order to operate in a multi-state platform.

Latest Developments in Online Poker Software

With the start of a New Year, many exciting changes have taken place in the world of Texas Hold’em online poker software. These changes include the Apple app Cardshark Brain and software updates to Tournament Parser and Sit’ n’ Go Wizard. In addition to these software updates, PokerTableStats has announced a big promotion too.

Updates from Cardshark Brain and Tournament Parser

Cardshark Brain is poker software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This top-tier software features a hand strength tool, a poker odds calculator, a post-flop analysis tool as well as an expected value calculator for making bets and moves. The particular update for this software is in the poker odds calculator that will show the number of outs a player’s hand has. Another update comes from Tournament Parser, which is a tool that allows you to post Texas Holdem tournament summary information in forums that are in a readable format. The latest version includes a correction in the generating rail tool so that it does not break when the tournaments played counter gets above 32,000. Also included in this update is the “What’s New” section that allows users to check what the new release contains, the fixed issue with posting Merge tournament histories, the removal of “delete post from PTP”, and finally the added ability to re-size columns in the grid.

PokerTableStats Promotion and Release of Sit ‘n ‘Go Wizard 2

PokerTableStats is a software program which tracks and records player stats. It also stores Texasholdem data in the cloud so that it can be retrievable from any computer that can access an Internet connection. One of the most exciting updates includes the release of the second version of SitNGo Wizard. On January 16th of this year, an exclusive sneak peak of the new SNG 2 was released. The big updates for SNG 2 include improvement to its hand editor tool. These improvements include customizable Texas Holdem hand histories, moving the button and moving players feature which will allow users to improve their play online poker experience. Along with these updates, the Quiz Mode will be completely re-vamped and enhanced. All in all, this bodes well for online poker gaming and players are in for exciting times ahead.

Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer – WSOP Champion

Texas Hold’em Poker is the name of the game and Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer is the World Series of Poker Champion. He’s the friendly face of poker and he’s the host of the Delaware Park Classic contest.

As far as poker players go, Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer is the celeb to watch out for. He’s a skilled poker professional and his pedigree speaks volumes about his Texas Holdem poker talents. He won the 2004 WSOP. His views on poker are pretty well-known. He’s idolized the online poker world over as a serious poker aficionado with a penchant for this game of skill. He hails from St. Louis and he’s been a vocal critic of the FBI and USDOJ’s crackdown of online poker rooms Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and Absolute Poker. For the Fossilman, it’s all about dollars and cents. According to the Fossilman, tacking the issue of morality onto poker’s back is in itself an immoral act. For Greg Raymer, poker is the quintessential game of skill and strategy. There’s simply no other explanation why the best poker players dominate the arena so consistently. But Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer has another ace up his sleeve…

Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer and the Delaware Park Classic Poker Contest

Kevin Castora, Delaware Park’s poker manager, announced that 2004 WSOP Champion Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer will host the prestigious Delaware Park Classic Contest (DPCC). As the foremost poker contest in the Northeast, the DPCC manages to attract scores of seasoned poker professionals and poker novices into the gaming fold. Players from across the United States are welcomed with open arms at the Delaware Park Classic Contest. The tournament takes place from March 14th through April the 2nd 2012. Satellites for the Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer Invitational contest take place on the 27th February 2012. These contest are going to add $3k to the 12h00 noon $30 Buy-in Event , $1.5k to the 16h00, $30 Buy-in Event as well as $1.5k to the 19h00, $30 Buy-in Event. The ‘Fossilman’ encourages legal-age fans to play online poker in safe and responsible manner.

No Limit Texas Holdem Poker

Playing Texasholdem poker is a rich and rewarding experience. Learning how to play the game No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker is lots of fun. Players first need to learn the rules of the game and the differences between Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker. A discussion of No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker serves players well.

Basics of the Game

The goal in Texas Holdem is to have the highest hand of a five card combination. This five card combination is obtained by using the two cards the player is dealt and any of the five cards in the center of the table. The winner with the highest hand wins the pot. To start the game the two players on the left side of the dealer post bets, called posting blinds. The first player to the left of the dealer posts a small bet called the Small Blind and the next player places a larger bet called the Big Blind.

After this, Betting Round 1 begins and all players are dealt two cards and bets are placed. Round 2, the Flop, begins in earnest with dealing 3 community cards in the center of the table. Next there is another betting round for all players. During Round 3, the Turn Card, the fourth community card is dealt followed by another round of betting. With the start of Round 4, the River Card, the final community card is dealt and again followed by the final betting round.

At this time if there are at least two players left in the game then the remaining players reveal their hands and the highest hand wins the chips placed in the pot during the betting rounds. It is important to note that this game is not only a game of luck but it is more importantly a game of strategy and skill. Contrary to how Hollywood portrays Texas Holdem Poker, most players fold before the game ends. This is because more often than not players do not have a great hand and it is not worth risking more cash for a poor hand.

No Limit Texasholdem Poker Strategies

There are several important points to focus on to become a good No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker player. A player should have patience and discipline to have strict hand selections and good table selections. Discipline is also important in the ability to wait for a good hand. Another important aspect of this game is to be able to read your opponents’ bluffs and to have the courage to bet and raise if you believe you have a good hand. If you feel uncomfortable playing in a group there are plenty of top-tier online poker sites you can play at.

WSOP 2011 Schedule Released

The most important poker tournament of the world World Series of Poker will be held 42nd times in 2011. Copyright owner of the tournament Caesars Entertainment Corporation recently released the schedule of the WSOP and announced some important changes in the structure of the events.
The 42nd annual WSOP will start just after one day of the Memorial Day on 31st of May and run for 50 days until 19 of July. The tournament will be held as normally since 2005 Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Convention Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to the US laws anyone can participate over the age of 21 years.
The organizers also announced an important change in the tournament structure so called hard stop. The players will play a maximum of ten levels a day and if the ten levels reached they will stop playing apart from the fact that how many of them remaining, and the event will be continued on the next day.
Although detailed schedule will be released only in January, it is announced that the 42nd World Series of Poker Main Event will begin on 7th of July and finish on 19 July with remaining the nine poker players participating at the final table in November for the most precious WSOP bracelet.

Some Online Poker Suggestions

Your hand is your only strength.

Here is a general rule to upkeep this mantra. You should keep your vision set on the pot when you are in a late position. Even though you will be playing with an excellent hand you should always be aware of the ratio of pot: position. Play the big cards, but if you are in a later position than it’s a good idea to switch to the suited connectors. This especially holds weight if you have four or five players who see the flop with you.

Check in with the pot odds in order to excuse a call from you, more than this, a suited connector like a 4-5 pair can bring an interesting hand if you strike the right flop. Say you have been showing the other players a good card selection; it may now be wise to think of a raise. If so then your challengers will play you on by throwing big cards your way. This can be a huge payout if you hit two pairs or a sweet flop set to compliment your 4-5.

When you play a low card combo, there are several ways to take advantage of the game. Table situations such as low and mid size pocket duos like 3-3 through 10-10 are easily converted into winnings if you play your hand correctly.

Let’s say you are in a late position with at least four to five callers ahead of your turn. This is the time to unleash the potential of your pocket pairs. Another good opportunity to play the pairs is when you notice you are sitting with a group of non aggressive players.

You can recognize this style of play once you see there are a good amount of pre-flop raises. Here is a good time to consider using your pocket pair from late or middle position. However, you must remember that if you do not hold an overpair on the board, then join then don’t bet.

A bit more of a simple strategy to think of when playing online poker is to notice if you are sitting with good, fair or down right awful players. If your opponents are hitting good hangs with poor hands you might be lured into playing the same way: trashing cards to bring huge payouts. This however is the wrong way. Counter this strategy and sit until a good hand appears.

The Betfred Ladies Tour Maidenhead winner is… Raine Hilson

There was a lucky winner, who played with a warrior’s spirit at the Maidenhead Leg of the 2010 Betfred ladies’ poker tournament. Raine Hilson battled her way through 63 players which not only granted her a sweet £2,230 pot but perhaps more importantly ranked her in the Grand Final. Out of 63 serious poker players Hilson scored not only an impressive string of superior hands but she also did it with stride and grace.
Most recently Hilson placed third at Birmingham in 2008. Since then she has been anxious to get back out there and prove once and for all that she has the skills to compete and win big. Not only did she prove it to her self but she proved it to spectators and critiques alike.
The first hand qualified Hilson not only for immediate victory but for instant confidence as well. It was this first deal that gave her a real jump in the tournament and set her at ease. Getting pocket Kings in the first hand allowed her to relax more than the other players; something which is defiantly needed in mid-sized tournaments.
Also on her side was a twist of irony. The moment occurred when Hilson reached for her trusty Ipod to select her theme song and discovered that it had already been selected by the Poker gods. The song which was already cued was the Robbie Williams song ‘She’s The One’. This same Robbie Williams song was the first to play the last time she time she had a huge poker victory.
Raine Hilson is slated to join with Diane Amber, Louise Atkinson and Helena Brett at London’s Western Club for the upcoming Grand final on November 20th, 2010. In addition to the former players are six additional poker players who have the opportunity to win slots for the upcoming legs of the Betfred Ladies’ Poker Tour.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey, at 34, is listed in 2010 as first in the world among all-time money winners in tournament poker.  He is revered by his opponents and poker enthusiasts and is known as the best all-around player in the world today.  Ivey has appeared at eight World Poker Tour final tables, won eight World Series of Poker bracelets and one World Poker Tour title.  He’s fearless, enjoys a wealthy lifestyle, and wins big at his favorite sport.

At the 2010 WSOP, Ivey won his eighth bracelet in H.O.R.S.E. which got him $329,840.  He has been called ‘the Tiger Woods of Poker‘.  Ivey is the youngest player to win eight (Phil Hellmuth was 39). In addition, no other player has accumulated eight bracelets more quickly; it took Ivey only ten years from the time of his first bracelet to his eighth, (it took Johnny Moss 11 years).

Ivey is first on the all-time money list with over $14 million in tournament earnings. Ivey lives in Las Vegas and is a regular participant in the $4,000-$8,000 mixed cash game at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.  In February 2006, he played heads-up Limit Texas Hold’em against Texas billionaire Andy Beal. With stakes at $25,000/$50,000, Ivey won over $16,000,000 over the course of three days. A group of poker professionals joined Ivey, called themselves  “The Corporation”,  pooled their money and took turns playing against Beal. Earlier in the month, Beal beat the Corporation out of $10,000,000. After losing to Ivey, Beal claimed that he was giving up poker. But he had said that before.

Ivey was taught poker by his grandfather at a young age in New Jersey where he grow up. He was hooked immediately. He is known for his intense and intimidating look when he plays poker.  His eyes dart back and forth and he’s been called cold hearted. Ivey has a generous side and has started a charity and given money to a number of charitable causes. He is the one to watch.

2010 November Nine

The November Nine have been officially announced in the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. Following eight competitive days of poker over a two week period, only nine players remain in the most famous poker tournament in the world. The current leader is Jonathan Duhamely who brought his $55,375,000 of past winnings into the tourney.
To recap some of the action, Matt “mcmatto” Affleck reached 15th place for $500,000, Meanwhile, Jonathan Duhamel check-called a five million bet from Affleck to see the queen of diamonds hit on the turn. Duhamel then checked and Affleck, dramatically moved all-in for over 11 million. After several minutes, with millions on the line, Duhamel called and flipped up a pair of pocket jacks and a straight draw. Affleck tabled his pocket aces and, watched painfully as an eight hit on the river, which came to match Duhamel’s straight.
Another exciting episode during the course of the tournament was Hasan Habib. Habib moved all-in pre-flop, which drew a call from John Racener. In turn Racener turned over A-K of clubs which was followed by a flop of 10-9-3 with two clubs, this development helped Habib by giving him a pair of nines, yet giving Racener a flush draw. Once again a ten came to hit on the turn, which brought Racener to pray for an ace or king on the river. And as luck has it the ace hit.
John Dolan, also one of the short stacks like Habib, opened the small blind with K-6 of diamonds, however, Duy Le called an all-in from the big blind with A-Q. Le’s chances were ruined when a King appeared on the flop destroying his chances. Le was moved in to 13th place and picked up the $500,000 consolation prize.
2010 November Nine:
1. Jonathan Duhamel – 65,975,000
2. John Dolan – 46,250,000
3. Joseph Cheong – 23,525,000
4. John Racener – 19,050,000
5. Matthew Jarvis – 16,700,000
6. Filippo Candio – 16,400,000
7. Michael Mizrachi – 14,450,000
8. Soi Nguyen – 9,650,000
9. Jason Senti – 7,625,000

Here are the payouts at stake for the members of the 2010 WSOP November Nine:

1st Place: $8,944,138
2nd Place: $5,545,855
3rd Place: $4,129,979
4th Place: $3,092,497
5th Place: $2,332,960
6th Place: $1,772,939
7th Place: $1,356,708
8th Place: $1,045,738
9th Place: $811,823

Jamie Gold – The right face of poker

Jamie Gold, 41, from Malibu, Ca, holds a critical claim has having won the largest cash prize ever during a live, syndicated, event. $12 million of cold hard cash was taken by Gold at the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event. The victory was well deserved. At the last table it was mentioned that Gold had more casino tournament final table finishes than all of the others combined.
He outran 8,772 players through an eleven day period. He became a house-hold poker name over night and has since become the personality of shows like GSN’s “High Stakes Poker”, NBC’s “Poker After Dark” and “National Heads Up Championship”, ABC’s “cc”, and of course, ESPN’s “World Series of Poker”. Ironically, Gold had said, perhaps as a joke of sorts that we would rather finish second than to place first. His fear of fame was realized when he won. However Gold, as a compliment to his personality, did not fall victim to fame, instead he used to it to pursue his interest in helping others.
Before making the stunning million dollar achievement he had approximately 100k in his purse. Although his riches would usually take many individuals off track, Gold maintains a disciplined approach to poker and his personal life. Dividing his life into two tracks, poker and his already existing talent agency business has allowed Gold to branch out further into a third track – promoting numerous charities. Leveraging his star personality, he not only appears and not only plays at poker charities but has become a strong figure in introducing the money in poker as a mechanism to support new charities. One of which is to help people suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease.
Gold’s admirable ability to maintain both life styles while giving back to communities is the mark of a noble man. He is deemed to be different than many Texas Hold’em players and has reaped the benefits as a result. His poker philanthropist image is well deserved.