Florida slated to get its first blackjack table

Casino agreement

With a Casino agreement looking more likely to pass in Florida, the Seminole Tribe announced that they believe Governor Charlie Crist has, after three years, finally come to see eye to eye with the Tallahassee Casino bloc.
Slated for this week, the legislation will seek to ensure $1 billion over the next five years for the state, with a possible extension to an additional $500 million. The Seminole tribal council is expected to review and give a go-ahead to the proposed state agreement. It will then move onto to be ratified by the House and Senate towards the end of the week, perhaps by Thursday, April 8th.
Criticism against Governor Crist is directed to his “over-accommodating” stance towards the state tribes. Up until now, card games have not been legal in Florida. Previously, the notion that blackjack, baccarat and chemin de fer tables would be open in the state of Florida knocked down any angle to forge an agreement.
At the end of the five-year phase, the Legislature will be able make two drastically different decisions. Either pass a law allowing the tribe to continue, or place a demand to stop the games. The legislation may also petition to branch casinos into other sections of Florida, which, in turn, would bring the Seminole’s own costs down.
If lawmakers do not act after the five year plan than the permission granted will lapse and the tribe will need to pay the state in order maintain its operation of Las Vegas-style, or Class III, slot machines over the next 15 years.

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