Greg Fossilman Raymer – WSOP Champion

Texas Hold’em Poker is the name of the game and Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer is the World Series of Poker Champion. He’s the friendly face of poker and he’s the host of the Delaware Park Classic contest.

As far as poker players go, Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer is the celeb to watch out for. He’s a skilled poker professional and his pedigree speaks volumes about his Texas Holdem poker talents. He won the 2004 WSOP. His views on poker are pretty well-known. He’s idolized the online poker world over as a serious poker aficionado with a penchant for this game of skill. He hails from St. Louis and he’s been a vocal critic of the FBI and USDOJ’s crackdown of online poker rooms Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and Absolute Poker. For the Fossilman, it’s all about dollars and cents. According to the Fossilman, tacking the issue of morality onto poker’s back is in itself an immoral act. For Greg Raymer, poker is the quintessential game of skill and strategy. There’s simply no other explanation why the best poker players dominate the arena so consistently. But Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer has another ace up his sleeve

Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer and the Delaware Park Classic Poker Contest

Kevin Castora, Delaware Park’s poker manager, announced that 2004 WSOP Champion Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer will host the prestigious Delaware Park Classic Contest (DPCC). As the foremost poker contest in the Northeast, the DPCC manages to attract scores of seasoned poker professionals and poker novices into the gaming fold. Players from across the United States are welcomed with open arms at the Delaware Park Classic Contest. The tournament takes place from March 14th through April the 2nd 2012. Satellites for the Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer Invitational contest take place on the 27th February 2012. These contest are going to add $3k to the 12h00 noon $30 Buy-in Event , $1.5k to the 16h00, $30 Buy-in Event as well as $1.5k to the 19h00, $30 Buy-in Event. The ‘Fossilman’ encourages legal-age fans to play online poker in safe and responsible manner.

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