How did Zynga Poker become so popular?

Zynga Poker’s rise to mega-popularity took place in double-quick time. There are millions of players who enjoy Zynga’s Texasholdem Poker as well as its other online games. Zynga’s success has come from tapping into advertising and through social networking sites.

Social Networking Sites

Zynga burst onto the social networking scene in sites such as Facebook and Myspace, offering users a chance to play online poker including Texas Hold’em along with their many other games. There are 29 million people all over the world who play online poker with Zynga. Zynga has also taken advantage of the new social networking site Google+. Zynga Poker is the first game on Google+ and is the largest free to play online poker game.

One advantage of Zynga Poker is that players can use any table, play with friends, or meet new people from around the world to play online poker with. Another great aspect of Zynga Poker is the chance for players to choose from casual Texas Holdem tables to VIP and tournament tables. Zynga also allows players to personalize their seats, chat with other players, send and receive gifts, and to complete challenges. Zynga Poker is also a great game because it does not rush players but at the same time it keeps up a reasonable pace. To keep this game even more exciting, Zynga Poker offers Tournaments and Challenges to all of their players. One of the major complaints that players have with Zynga Poker is that the visual effects are not as impressive as the other games which Zynga offers to its players.

Zynga Advertising

Another growth in Zynga Poker’s popularity has come from its advertising. Zynga has started advertising its games on after Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars were shut down. Zynga seems to be filling the advertising void which was left by Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars. This has essentially pushed Zynga to update their Texas Hold’em online poker platform to draw former Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars players to their site. This advertising also allows Zynga to increase the exposure of their product to potential Texas Holdem customers and to tap into the acquisition of new customers.

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