Jamie Gold – The right face of poker

Jamie Gold, 41, from Malibu, Ca, holds a critical claim has having won the largest cash prize ever during a live, syndicated, event. $12 million of cold hard cash was taken by Gold at the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event. The victory was well deserved. At the last table it was mentioned that Gold had more casino tournament final table finishes than all of the others combined.
He outran 8,772 players through an eleven day period. He became a house-hold poker name over night and has since become the personality of shows like GSN’s “High Stakes Poker”, NBC’s “Poker After Dark” and “National Heads Up Championship”, ABC’s “cc”, and of course, ESPN’s “World Series of Poker”. Ironically, Gold had said, perhaps as a joke of sorts that we would rather finish second than to place first. His fear of fame was realized when he won. However Gold, as a compliment to his personality, did not fall victim to fame, instead he used to it to pursue his interest in helping others.
Before making the stunning million dollar achievement he had approximately 100k in his purse. Although his riches would usually take many individuals off track, Gold maintains a disciplined approach to poker and his personal life. Dividing his life into two tracks, poker and his already existing talent agency business has allowed Gold to branch out further into a third track – promoting numerous charities. Leveraging his star personality, he not only appears and not only plays at poker charities but has become a strong figure in introducing the money in poker as a mechanism to support new charities. One of which is to help people suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease.
Gold’s admirable ability to maintain both life styles while giving back to communities is the mark of a noble man. He is deemed to be different than many Texas Holdem players and has reaped the benefits as a result. His poker philanthropist image is well deserved.

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