Latest Developments in Online Poker Software

With the start of a New Year, many exciting changes have taken place in the world of Texas Hold’em online poker software. These changes include the Apple app Cardshark Brain and software updates to Tournament Parser and Sit’ n’ Go Wizard. In addition to these software updates, PokerTableStats has announced a big promotion too.

Updates from Cardshark Brain and Tournament Parser

Cardshark Brain is poker software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This top-tier software features a hand strength tool, a poker odds calculator, a post-flop analysis tool as well as an expected value calculator for making bets and moves. The particular update for this software is in the poker odds calculator that will show the number of outs a player’s hand has. Another update comes from Tournament Parser, which is a tool that allows you to post Texas Holdem tournament summary information in forums that are in a readable format. The latest version includes a correction in the generating rail tool so that it does not break when the tournaments played counter gets above 32,000. Also included in this update is the “What’s New” section that allows users to check what the new release contains, the fixed issue with posting Merge tournament histories, the removal of “delete post from PTP”, and finally the added ability to re-size columns in the grid.

PokerTableStats Promotion and Release of Sit ‘n ‘Go Wizard 2

PokerTableStats is a software program which tracks and records player stats. It also stores Texasholdem data in the cloud so that it can be retrievable from any computer that can access an Internet connection. One of the most exciting updates includes the release of the second version of SitNGo Wizard. On January 16th of this year, an exclusive sneak peak of the new SNG 2 was released. The big updates for SNG 2 include improvement to its hand editor tool. These improvements include customizable Texas Holdem hand histories, moving the button and moving players feature which will allow users to improve their play online poker experience. Along with these updates, the Quiz Mode will be completely re-vamped and enhanced. All in all, this bodes well for online poker gaming and players are in for exciting times ahead.

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