Learning More about Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem is much more enjoyable when you understand the rules, as well as the game’s action sequence.  Texas holdem poker rules are fairly straightforward.  By understanding the progression of the poker game, players can form a more effective poker strategy.  Learn to play Texas Holdem poker to make the game more enjoyable and increase the odds of seeing profits.

To begin, players in the poker game are each dealt two face down poker cards, known as the pocket cards.  The first round of betting takes place and then the poker table dealer turns over the community cards, known as the flop, which are face up on the poker table.  Then second round of poker game betting takes place.  Following the poker table dealer turning over the next card for the community, known as the turn, the third round of betting takes place.

The poker game dealer turns over the last community card, the river, and the final betting round is held.  Then the poker table players enjoy the showdown, where poker rules illustrate players may use either both pocket poker cards supplemented by three board cards, one pocket card and four poker cards on the table for the community or all five poker cards, referred to as playing the board, to make an advantageous hand.

Online poker games feature poker rules which are not much different from offline poker rules regarding betting.  There are four possible rounds and the limits are much lower for the first two rounds of betting at the poker table.  Poker table wagers are higher during the last two rounds.  Most poker games have a limit for the number of bets permitted per betting round, but this is not the case for No Limit or Pot Limit poker games.

When poker games have varying poker table dealers, a dealer button is used to show who the dealer is.  For online poker games, this is theoretical.  The button moves clockwise for each hand.  The first player to the left of the button posts half the lower limit bet for the hand, rounded to the nearest and lowest dollar amount, and this is called the small blind.  The person to the left of this player posts the big blind, which is equal to the poker table lower limit bet amount.  Players may call, check, raise or fold at this time.

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