Learning to Play Keno

Keno is a fun casino game very similar to US lottery games.  This casino game is offered in offline and online casinos and revolves around luck.  Inexperienced players are just as likely to win as those who are experienced, making Keno a favored casino game for all.  Learning rules and bets for this casino game allows Keno to be seen for the interesting and in-depth experience it is.

The Keno casino game is played with a game card offering a field of eighty numbers.  Casino players select their numbers, bet on them and then wait for the draw.  While picking more numbers for the casino game can increase the jackpot, it also makes it- more difficult for participants to win.  Online casino Keno games feature an electronic draw of numbers.  Meanwhile, at traditional brick and mortar casinos, Keno games are drawn the old fashioned way, with ping-pong balls.

Standard bets are available for Keno games no matter what casino is being frequented.  Players may play straight tickets, where casino patrons are able to pick mainly between one and fifteen numbers for the draw; however, some casinos allow patrons to pick up to forty spots on a single straight ticket.  Combination tickets allow the casino game participants to combine groups of straight bets.  These are combined on a single ticket in a variety of ways.  Each of the combinations purchased costs the casino game participant one unit of their betting wagers.  Split tickets allow casino game patrons to play two or more Keno games on the same game card.  Casino game strategists who choose to play split tickets select two groups of numbers and then divide them with circles or lines.

Way tickets and King tickets are two of the last options available for this casino game.  Way tickets allow casino game players to bet on a number of groups on a single card.  It is the most complex bet available for this casino game.  Players need to decide what combinations they want to bet on, which then need to be computed according to the player’s fractions.  This information is placed to the right-hand side of the betting field.  The cost of one’s bet is figured after the player adds numerators.  King tickets are similar to Way tickets, except one or more numbers are chosen and designated as King Numbers.  They are circled by themselves.

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