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Bingo can be a little confusing at first, with all the many different names for numbers, so here is a quick breakdown of some of the more unusual names you may hear and the stories behind them!

Most of the nicknames in Bingo are simply based on old Cockney Rhyming slang from London’s East End, such as Duck and Dive 25, Brighton Line 59 and Heavens Gate 78, however some take on the name of what the numbers look like! Probably the most popular examples of this would be Two Fat Ladies 88, Legs 11 or crutch 7.

Some Bingo numbers get their nicknames by mixing these numbers together, such as Fat Lady with a Crutch is 87 or Little Duck with a crutch 27. Many other nicknames have derived from the culture of the era and this is why some numbers have more than one nickname!

Doctor’s Orders (9) comes from the old army days – a pill, known as Number 9 was given out by doctors to soldiers needing a laxative! Nice!

Dancing Queen (17) comes from a ABBA hit song – “You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet only 17!”

The Beatles Number (64) comes from a Beatles hit song When I’m Sixty Four. This is also rhyming slang with Red Raw.

Sunset Strip (77) comes from the Cult American TV show 77 Sunset Strip. This is also sometimes called Two Little Crutches or All The Sevens.

Additionally some numbers never seemed to get good nicknames – I think we all feel sorry for 47, who seemed to get the worst name in the bunch… 4 and 7… 47! It must have taken ages to come up with that one!!

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