Online Poker Legislations in 2012

There has been talk in the United States Congress of drafting a play online poker bill in 2012. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has spoken about the importance of having a national Internet Gaming Law. Joining the fight with him is Iowa Senator Jeff Danielson who says he is planning to draft and Internet Poker Bill in Iowa.

A Rare Glimpse into Harry Reid’s Stance on Internet Poker

As a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission it would be expected that Harry Reid be at the center of the online Texas holdem Poker debate. This however, is not the case as Reid has had very little to say about online poker publicly. Recently though, Reid has made public comments about the Department of Justice’s opinion on the Wire Act. He states that this will give them an incentive to get something done in the world of Texas Hold’em online poker. The executive director of Poker Players Alliance, John Pappas, is optimistic about Reid’s comments. He says that it would be advantageous to players and businesses to have a federal play online poker law instead of only a selection of state’s allowing online Texas Holdem poker. Pappas also says he has met with top Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and provided information through the process. With Reid’s work on this legislation, a bill could be on the table at any time.

Iowa Plans to Move into the World of Play Online Poker

Senator Jeff Danielson has jumped on the opportunity of creating Texas Holdem online poker legislation for Iowa after the USDOJ’s decision on the Wire Act. Danielson says that this decision can stimulate intrastate online Texas Hold’em poker and also have a multi-state impact on play online poker laws. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) has illustrated some ways in which Iowa can create and regulate online Texasholdem poker. It has been estimated by the IRGC that play online poker legislation could produce $3 to $13 million in tax revenues annually. Another advantage of Texas Holdem online poker legislation is that small states would be able to collaborate in order to operate in a multi-state platform.

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