Online Poker Room Reviews: Poker Room 17-20

room 17-20

KS Poker Review
KS Poker attracts new players by giving a $1000 bonus on a 200% match.  Many levels of poker are offered in limits and types of poker games.  The poker is Texas Holdem and Omaha in No-Limit and limit games.  There are many tournaments and special higher value tournaments.  The players that play on this site are rated as loose and active players at all limits.  On all poker sites the player count is the growing or dieing number.  On KS poker, the cash games are averaging 3300 players and 13,000 players in tournaments.  These are reasonable numbers and the games will stay filled during the best playing hours.  No USA

Prime Poker Review

Prime poker uses a bonus of $600 at a match of 100% to attract new players to the site.  A constant use of reload bonuses, added money tournaments and freerolls have kept this site together during this very competitive time for casinos.

-The player base is primarily from Europe, so the peak hours of play are going to be at the best time for Europeans. The games seem to do well at those times.
Holdem and Omaha are the favorites on this site.  The cash players average 9000 and the tournament players average 45,000.  No USA

24hPoker Review
24 Hour Poker offers a bonus of $2250 at a match of 250%.  This site has poker software that is playable and easy to navigate.  The games that are played are many limit levels of Holdem and Omaha.  The tournaments and freerolls are well attended with good rewards for winning the Tournament or the freeroll.  The player base is located in the Scandinavian countries.  Draw poker is played on this site at many limits.  Other players are now finding this site and the traffic is growing.  The average cash player count is 1200 and the poker  tournaments average 5000 players.  No USA

Betway Poker Review
Betway is a member of the Microgaming Network.  The poker site uses this excellent software to set a number of poker choices for the online players.

The game choices at many limits are Holdem, both Omaha versions, 7-Card Stud and 5-Card Stud.  The favorite as with many other poker rooms is Holdem cash games and Holdem tournaments.  The special games include tournaments, sit-and-go and freerolls.  The site does what all-good sites do and that is update the software frequently to keep it running smoothly.  The cash game players average 2400 and the tournament players average 13,000 players.  No USA

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