Poker in the Park

No matter what you are doing in London on August 13th to August 14th you will not be able to miss the massive amount of crowds and players at Poker in the Park at Leicester Square Park. This ultra popular event is celebrating its third anniversary and promises to be even more impressive than the previous year.

This outdoor poker tournament brings card players out from the casino and into the public light. This massive event is slated to showcase not only the love London has for poker but will demonstrate once and for all that London continues to stand as a poker capital. This is the one poker event where the bells and whistles of a casino are not needed.

Leicester Square will turn into a gigantic casino where thousands will show up to enjoy poker under the sun. Included in the tournament are generous giveaways, and pockets of entertainment. If you are an avid poker player or just simply love the mystique of the game than this is a festival for you. Not to mention, Poker in the Park is consider the largest open air poker event in Europe.

This “poker under the sun” concept also shows that poker is no longer a man’s game supported by a certain type of male instead it is a universal game which can be celebrated by all cultures, ages and sexes. The poker of yesteryear with its macho, male dominated, tables are gone, and left in its place is a poker based in entertainment and overall fun.
Novices will certainly be out in force at Poker in the Park and will be sure to soak up as many free tips and tricks as they can. Throughout the day, tutorials and free advice will be shouted at them from a handful of poker experts. From the bluffing pro to the skilled poker ace, this event will show the most inexperienced player the moves he/she need in order to survive and thrive at the poker table.

Poker in the Park takes place from Thursdsay 13th August Friday 14th in Leicester Square Park. 5pm 9.30pm Thursday and 12pm 9.30pm Friday. Admission is free 18 and older.

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