Sahamies and his Swinging Losses

Recently, a major loss of $1 million by Ilari Sahamies to Tom ‘durr’ Dwan brought the latest online competitions to new heights, especially as he faced DrugsOrMe this past Thursday on Full Tilt Poker.

Sahamies string of painful loses was compounded last week as he was taken for an enormous Big Blind Pot against DrugsOrMe. Narrowing in on these brutal defeats is a brief look at his losses.

It was an up and down slide for Sahamies at Full Tilt Poker as he settled into a sour session at a six max pot limit Omaha. Flagging his misfortune was a huge loss on a 768-big-blind pot in a face off against DrugsOrMe and Cadillac 1944.
Sahamies’ end raise went up to $1,400 from, following was DrugsOrMe who took the pot to a three-bet at $4,800. The final flop came in with 6  3  2 , 1944 went all in for the crisp $83,667. Next Sahamies called all in for $50,200, following was DrugsOrMe who called to place the two challengers on edge.

When the A  came in to fall on the turn, DrugsOrMe was all sitting pretty on a set of aces that came to crush Sahamies’ chances. Once the 3  appeared on the river was secure with a full house. Taking home the $307,331 pot, DrugsOrMe succeeded not only in winning big but removing the unknown on his style and overall character.

Meanwhile, the USPC main event was being held by PokerStars, who have been running satellites to the 2010 United States Poker Championship (USPC) upcoming event on 11/19/10.
The lead finishers for the $5,250 buy-in on November 19th 2010 began as candidates with only light money, some only entering with several dollars. This of course was able to lend enthusiastic players with a more modest bankroll a real chance to win.

Slated for the Trump Taj Mahal resort in Atlantic City, the USPC is being billed as one of the most prestigious events to surface in sometime in the U.S. There are several promotions and other registration material available at the PokerStars lobby online.

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