Secrets to Fixed Limit Poker: Hints For Beginners

In 2003, poker games exploded and recreated themselves as a sport.  Most of the poker games that got the attention were the TV-friendly, No Limit poker games, known for their high rate of action.  Still, when first stepping into the poker world, players would likely benefit the most from a Limit structure being applied at the poker table.  New players can take part in a more solid poker game from the start since Limit poker games are more appropriately founded on math and logic as opposed to psychology, which is a potentially overwhelming factor in No Limit poker games.

Limit poker games have a much lower rate of loss.  This means players will not be able to lose their poker chips so quickly.  Mistakes are not as amplified in a Limit poker game.  There is a more gradual learning curve in place for Limit poker games, allowing poker table participants to understand the game more thoroughly through practicing with decreased risk.

Every bet in a fixed Limit poker game counts.  This is the case even when certain bets may seem trivial.  The poker game odds are also in the favor of the poker table players.  When it comes to odds and this variation of poker, the worst case scenario a player will be in post-flop is two to one on the player’s money.  More often, players at the poker table will experience odds of three to one, an increased ratio when it comes to the odds of the poker game.

Drawing is a very important part of Limit poker games.  A flush or open ended straight made out of poker cards has a ratio of two to one.  Players, therefore, on the flop always have the odds to draw.  Upon going to the flop heads-up, a player’s odds may decrease to as little as six to one depending on the outcome of the draw.

There is no need to make it a point to win every single hand at the poker table in Limit poker, which is another way in which the game varies slightly from No Limit poker.  No Limit poker games will feature pots that can be won and lost as a result of draws.  Know your odds before going into a draw in order to decrease losses, increase odds of success and have fun.


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