Show me your cards!

Who is the most agitating player at the poker table? How about the individual who is adamant to display his cards when he is the last to fold, or when he wins a pot without a showdown.
You give in to him in the big blind and he turns around and shows you that he was holding, which is often not too impressive. If you get him to fold, he’ll show you that he can make a tough laydown when he folds top pair, top kicker. This is quite common.
However, someone who shows their poker cards every so often is not obnoxious, here, we find that there may a reasonable need to do so. Although most do not subscribe to this style, arguing, why would one want to give his opposition information, there are a few circumstances where this works in your favour.
The primary component to this strategy is found in the core stages of a tournament- the goal being, you are trying to catch as many blinds and antes as you can from players who are desperately trying to score. The more strapped your opponents think you are the better the chances that they will fold to your raises. Especially if you are aware that you are a tight player, then all the more reason that you want to make sure that everyone else knows too.
Therefore, during the core, mid-stage of a tournament you ought to go ahead and display a few strong hands after everyone else folds. If you can lay some seeds down, those that make the other players believe that when your chips move in, you mean business.
Another quick point in advocating the display of cards is if you have had a successful streak of raises; after a few of these hands, you suspect that your opponents will become dubious towards your next hand. This is a good moment to think about showing your hand. It should be underlined here that if you feel the necessity to show your cards, in whatever circumstance, then you should do so. Poker works on style so add your own; just know what you are doing first.

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