Some Online Poker Suggestions

Your hand is your only strength.

Here is a general rule to upkeep this mantra. You should keep your vision set on the pot when you are in a late position. Even though you will be playing with an excellent hand you should always be aware of the ratio of pot: position. Play the big cards, but if you are in a later position than it’s a good idea to switch to the suited connectors. This especially holds weight if you have four or five players who see the flop with you.

Check in with the pot odds in order to excuse a call from you, more than this, a suited connector like a 4-5 pair can bring an interesting hand if you strike the right flop. Say you have been showing the other players a good card selection; it may now be wise to think of a raise. If so then your challengers will play you on by throwing big cards your way. This can be a huge payout if you hit two pairs or a sweet flop set to compliment your 4-5.

When you play a low card combo, there are several ways to take advantage of the game. Table situations such as low and mid size pocket duos like 3-3 through 10-10 are easily converted into winnings if you play your hand correctly.

Let’s say you are in a late position with at least four to five callers ahead of your turn. This is the time to unleash the potential of your pocket pairs. Another good opportunity to play the pairs is when you notice you are sitting with a group of non aggressive players.

You can recognize this style of play once you see there are a good amount of pre-flop raises. Here is a good time to consider using your pocket pair from late or middle position. However, you must remember that if you do not hold an overpair on the board, then join then don’t bet.

A bit more of a simple strategy to think of when playing online poker is to notice if you are sitting with good, fair or down right awful players. If your opponents are hitting good hangs with poor hands you might be lured into playing the same way: trashing cards to bring huge payouts. This however is the wrong way. Counter this strategy and sit until a good hand appears.

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