The Betfred Ladies Tour Maidenhead winner is… Raine Hilson

There was a lucky winner, who played with a warrior’s spirit at the Maidenhead Leg of the 2010 Betfred ladies’ poker tournament. Raine Hilson battled her way through 63 players which not only granted her a sweet £2,230 pot but perhaps more importantly ranked her in the Grand Final. Out of 63 serious poker players Hilson scored not only an impressive string of superior hands but she also did it with stride and grace.
Most recently Hilson placed third at Birmingham in 2008. Since then she has been anxious to get back out there and prove once and for all that she has the skills to compete and win big. Not only did she prove it to her self but she proved it to spectators and critiques alike.
The first hand qualified Hilson not only for immediate victory but for instant confidence as well. It was this first deal that gave her a real jump in the tournament and set her at ease. Getting pocket Kings in the first hand allowed her to relax more than the other players; something which is defiantly needed in mid-sized tournaments.
Also on her side was a twist of irony. The moment occurred when Hilson reached for her trusty Ipod to select her theme song and discovered that it had already been selected by the Poker gods. The song which was already cued was the Robbie Williams song ‘She’s The One’. This same Robbie Williams song was the first to play the last time she time she had a huge poker victory.
Raine Hilson is slated to join with Diane Amber, Louise Atkinson and Helena Brett at London’s Western Club for the upcoming Grand final on November 20th, 2010. In addition to the former players are six additional poker players who have the opportunity to win slots for the upcoming legs of the Betfred Ladies’ Poker Tour.

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