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A nice boy from Jersey

Tom Dwan is known not only for his natural instinctive skills in the online poker world, but he is also one of the youngest poker stars today.
Starting his six figure career, he began to play $6 “sit and go” tournaments and then moved in the direction of low stakes cash games. Dwan switched his style to “heads-up” No Limit hold ‘em and began to challenge certain pro players. At age 19 Dwan finished 12th in a no limit Texas hold ‘em match during the second season of the European Poker Tour.
By 2007 Dwan was earning six figure wins on Full Tilt and according to climbed quickly to reach the multi-million mark by 2008. Dwan said that, shortly before the 2007 World Series of Poker, that he was wiped out of his million dollar bank roll – loosing two million dollars of his three million dollars over four months, ouch!
Dwan’s resurgence was stumped in January 2009 when he was struck by his greatest defeat. Loosing nearly two million dollars to Phil Ivey, and IIari Sahamies, and a whopping five million to an unranked player, Dwan continued to perceiver to reclaim his young name.
In the same month, Dwan was offered $1,000,000 to challenge any player online, outside Phil Galfond of course, to a heads up 50,000 hands $200-$400 or higher No Limit Hold em’ or Pot Limit Omaha. As of March 2010, Dwan and his challenger, Patrick Antonious, have played over 33,000 of the 50,000 hands. The leader is Dwan at approx two million dollars.
Dwan reached the final 10,000 table at the 2008 World Series of Poker and finished in 8th place. He captured $54,144. On the heels of this impressive placement he went onwards and finished 8th again in a seven person final table where he earned 45,110.
Tom Dwan is considered a cool, calculated player that understands the essence of developing a flexible poker strategy.

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