Top 5 Poker Software Reviews

1. Poker A poker software tool to help you find the losers

PokerCrusher.coms poker software tool logs millions of hand histories plus you dont have to sit for hours to figure out who the big losers are because the software is designed to help you find the soft profitable tables. Get all of a players showdowns, see how your opponents play on every street! The softwares player tracking features are shown directly on the poker table as you play and automatically identifies the playing style of each opponent at your table by displaying an icon next to their name (eg. green fish, shark, mouse, etc). You can use Poker Crusher to find the softest poker tables online using Poker Crushers auto-lookup feature in one click.

The software tool supports most major Poker sites, such as Party Poker, Titan Poker, Ultimate Bet and others. To find out which poker sites Poker Crusher supports, check out their page on supported poker rooms

Poker Crusher poker room software tool can be fully customized so you can configure the type of information you want to see about any potential opponents betting patterns, strengths and weaknesses. Youll have access to real time data on over 3 million online poker players worldwide.

Sign up now at and get a free 5-day trial.

2. Sit & Go Shark

Sit & Go Shark is a very sophisticated, top-tier Sit & Go advice engine with color coordinated advice so that all you have to do is have a quick glance before making the right move. The poker software tool is designed to gather data and observe playing patterns, styles and scenario and provide the smartest advice before you make your next move. Sit & Go Shark helps you come out ontop when playing any poker variation offered by their partnering casinos, including:

* Texas Holdem & No Limit and Limit
* Single-table
* Multi-table
* Steps
* Mini-steps
* Heads-up
* Turbo

Download  Sit & Go Shark Poker Software Tool

3. Holdem Genius

Their motto is:Master the odds and dominate your opponents with Holdem Genius™

You should not play Holdem Poker without this top-tier, advanced odds calculator. The cool application allows you to instantly know how to play your hand in every situation possible. Yeah, its pretty cool. Holdem Genius gives players clever advice and helps players develop their own perfected poker strategy. Holdem Genius is an incredibly useful poker tool that squarely benefits players. The software is designed to cut player losses and increase player profits.

When you use Holdem Genius, you really do play like a pro! It is by far the most advanced Texas Holdem odds calculator that teaches you how to play Texas Holdem hands with technical perfection!

The calculator outputs every poker odd possible, including pot and hand odds, odds on which hands have the potential to beat you, odds of drawing out, solid advice for multiple games and more. The softwares advanced mathematical algorithms allows you to get the smartest and most accurate poker advice possible. Why waste time calculating odds? Using Holdem Genius lets you find tells and steal more pots so you can be entirely focused on perfecting your game.

Holdem Genius can be set up to suit your style and you can make necessary adjustments in a click or two as your poker abilities improve.


4. Poker Office

Poker Office was Voted the Best Online poker software tool in 2007. The software comes with a Live Advisor window that give you real time live stats and graphs along with player modeling on the opponents you are currently up against, with real time probabilities, pot odds and hand rankings, overlayed statistics on the actual poker table,real-time profit and table tightness graphs and there is more!  Poker Office is a poker calculator with an advanced tracking feature that tracks your opponents game as well as your own game.

Poker Office is Free. Because PokerOffice is partnered with all top online poker rooms online, you can get Poker Office free when you sign up via any of their partnering poker rooms.
There are dozens of cool features such as:

Real Time Heads Up Display

Exploit your opponents weaknesses and have full control over the current game by using Poker Offices built in HUD that will overlay statistics, player actions and odds on the actual poker table.

* Overlays opponent stats next to each player at the table.
* Real time history for the ongoing hand.
* Pot odds and future hand probabilities displayed directly on the table.
* Player icons to easily identify an opponents playing style.

There are countless benefits of using this prize winning poker tool from PokerOffice. For more information, visit Poker Office website or download the software directly by downloading partnering poker rooms.

5.Tournament Indicator

If youre into Poker Tournaments, then Tournament Indicator is the poker tool for you. The tournament tool is a poker calculator designed specifically for Holdem Tournament players. The holdem tournament calculator has most of the usual calculator features but has additional features of the MZone. Tournament Indicator provides information in real time and logs hand history.
By double clicking on an opponents name you will discover his hand history based on MZone Status.
The downside of Tournament indicator is related to screen resolution. If youre screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768, you have to toggle about when using the opponent stat screen. You can view the metrics in mini-view mode, but it limits the displays.

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