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You will find that poker variations are just as fun as Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha and 7 Card Stud (the most popular off all poker variations).

Poker Games and their fun variations

After youve mastered the art of playing Texas Holdem or Seven Card Stud, consider exploring other poker game variations. You might feel comfortable with one particular poker game, like 7 Card Stud or Omaha high/low, but did you know that learning other poker game variations helps you improve skills in your favorite poker game?

Every poker game may have a unique little twist, but you will always find the common variables. You could learn many techniques that are specific to each game yet this knowledge might just be what gives you the edge across the entire poker game spectrum.

These are the most frequently played poker games offered by the best online poker sites in 2009.

Texas holdem Poker
Texas holdem Poker (or just Holdem Poker to most players) is a popular, if not the most popular of all poker game variations. Each holdem player has two hole cards, five community cards are on the board and there are four betting rounds. If a game gets down to showdown time, the player with the highest hand wins the pot.

Omaha and Texas Hold em poker are similar but with two main differences: The first is that instead of getting only two hole cards (Texas Hold em) each player gets four hole cards. Second, players must use two hole cards together with three of the community cards to form a winning five card poker hand. Omaha is usually played as a fixed limit or pot limit game.

Omaha high/low
Omaha high/low is simple: The player with the lowest lowest hand wins the pot. If there is no low hand, the player with highest hand wins. The lowest possible hand in Omaha high/low is A2345 and a low hand cant have any card over eight (hence, the term  eight-or-better).

Seven card stud
7 card stud is frequently played poker game in North America and its very simple.Each player gets two concealed cards and one open card. Then each player is consecutively dealt three additional open cards and then one final card, dealt face down. Seven card stud has five betting rounds.

Seven card stud high/low
Seven card stud high/low is similar to traditional 7 card stud except the lowest hand wins only half the pot. The lowest possible hand in Seven card stud high/low is A2345 and also the hand cant have any card over 8. Suits are irrelevant. There is also a qualifier for the low hands, just like in traditional Seven card stud and same goes for the pot going to the player with the highest hand.

You may have heard that Razz is a sort of a pet name for seven card stud low. Razz is a poker game variation that is similar to seven card stud, except in this case, the player with the lowest hand wins the whole pot. High hands don’t count, period. With the absence of high hands in Razz, there can be no qualifier on low hands because they are not limited to cards below nines.

Crazy Pineapple
Crazy pineapple is played more often these days, it is a poker game variation that is very similar to Texas Holdem poker. In Crazy Pineapple, each player is dealt three hole cards. Each player must discard one card after the betting on the flop has been terminated. From that stage in the game forward, the game is played just like Texas holdem.

There are other poker game variations to follow. Check with us often as our list of Poker Games!