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Video poker recently turned 118 years since it is one of the most popular games in worldwide history. It is also incredible the development that he knows since its apparition in the early 1891 in Brooklyn.
It was first played on slot machines. Those days` gamblers used to play it with packages that contained 50 cards instead of 52, like we play nowadays. Also, past winnings were visibly smaller. Taking into consideration that fact that this type of poker was played mostly in bars and pubs, that represented those days’ casinos, gamblers` winnings where measured in alcohol. Today this isn’t practiced anymore, so if you win, you are paid in real money. Also, if you will take into account the fact that your jackpot is continually rising while you play video poker, you will be amazed how your financial situation could be radically changed by your total earnings. In the middle 90`s, when online casino websites began their development, the first video poker machine also appeared. Since those years, popularity of online video poker constantly grew. More and more gamblers declared themselves addicted to its challenging and easy way to win money.
Nowadays you can choose to play it whether flash or in the download mode. On the website you can find the rules and instructions of the game, but also multiple types of video poker games. You can choose between: Joker Poker, Mega Jack, Aces and Faces and many others. I advice you to try the free video poker application before you start to play real poker. Using it, you will not only see which type of game you like most but you will also accommodate with the rules and instructions. Once you feel comfortable to play a game in your own rhythm and to bet with real money just click the Start game button. You will find fun and challenge in each game but the amount of your total earnings is only depending of your poker handling. This is only gained with experience so enter the virtual doors of online casino and start to have fun and to earn money easy!

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